Advisio – unsere Erfahrung für Ihren Erfolg

The Advisio team - history

Half a century of experience in tax consulting, business consulting and auditing

Our firm was founded in Gummersbach at the end of 2007 by the shareholder Dieter Wagener, CPA and tax consultant, who has been in business for himself since 1988 in Gummersbach. Before setting up Advisio, he was a partner in a nationwide audit/tax consultancy.

The company was founded to be a type of spin-off as a purely legal reorganization.

The firm continued to cater to medium-sized clients, with a preferred emphasis on the industrial sector. They also took on clients in all legal forms of businesses from various industries, with an emphasis on qualified consulting and auditing.

In the course of our tax firm’s systematic further development, Thomas Hildebrand, with a degree in Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm./FH) joined the group of partners. He, too, can look back on over 15 years of professional experience in tax consulting.

The Advisio team was able to expand significantly in 2013 with the Siegen office, adding more specialty fields and a new location. Advisio’s field of activity has thus been supplemented by tax, fiscal and business consulting for physicians and healthcare professionals, with the Siegen office serving as the main location. The Siegen location is successfully headed by Susanne Hachenberg, tax consultant.

In 2015, the Advisio’s most recent area of expansion was the opening of the Waldbröl office in the Oberbergen Region. The location is under the management of the partners and tax consultants Uwe Warnecke, Andreas Baum and Axel Fietkau. As a result, Advisio’s field of activity has grown to include tax, fiscal and economic consulting for nursing homes, senior citizens' facilities and care facilities as the main focus of the Waldbröl office.

The latest addition to the Advisio’s team of partners was Lorenz Neu, with a degree in business administration (Dipl.-Kfm.(FH), CPA and tax consultant. He brings many years of experience working in one of Germany's leading auditing firms. He further possesses in-depth knowledge in all auditing matters.

Together with our well practised team of employees, we have built up a comprehensive body knowledge over the past years and which we are constantly expanding and incorporating into individualised consulting concepts tailored to the client's needs.


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