Annual Financial Statements
Advisio – unsere Erfahrung für Ihren Erfolg

Expert for tax returns of all tax types in Gummersbach, Siegen and Waldbröl

For company owners, annual financial statements are important control instruments for the success of the company and in presenting their business. The results of professional financial accounting are made visible so they can help guide a company’s future development and creative potential. This is a main guiding factor in planning the future for any company.

Advisio prepares annual financial statements not only to determine the tax result for the tax office, but also to present to banks and document the company's development. We prepare annual financial statements both for sole proprietorships and for corporations and partnerships,  including notes and management report wherever necessary.

Outline of our services:

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Trade and tax accounts
  • Reconciliations from trade accounts to tax accounts
  • Cash method of accounting (EÜR)
  • Plausibility assessments
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