Private individuals
Advisio – unsere Erfahrung für Ihren Erfolg

Tax consultants for private persons

Personalised tax consulting at the Gummersbach, Siegen and Waldbröl offices

Sounds familiar? Tax law is growing more and more complex almost every year and changes to legislation often force private individuals to seek expert consulting on their tax returns. Irrespective of whether you are a private individual, married couple, a family, investment partner, a person with foreign or domestic connections or an heir: In the Advisio team you will always find the right expert for your individual tax issues, even as a private individual.

Do you have questions about extraordinary income, donations, the planned acquisition of a property or an inheritance? Our experts competently answer your questions, prepare tax returns, check your tax assessment notices or deal with annoying opposition proceedings for you, always with an eye on optimising your tax burden, while taking into account a wide range of tax benefits.

It is the primary goal of each of our employees to apply the latest legislation for the benefit of our clients in a tailor-made manner and to implement their individual private asset interests with the current legal and family circumstances in a tax-optimised and responsible manner.

Our services for private individuals at a glance:

  • General tax consulting
  • Income tax return/annual wage tax adjustment, especially for real estate and capital assets
  • Income tax reduction application
  • Change of income tax class
  • Net income method
  • Tax optimisation for investment measures
  • Profitability calculation for real estate
  • Tax optimisation for investment income
  • Inheritance tax returns
  • Anticipated succession
  • Gift Tax Declaration
  • Optimisation of transfer of assets
  • Investment consulting
  • Financing consulting
  • Representation to financial authorities for enforcing your rights
  • Objection procedures
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